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USCG Kayak and Paddle Craft "If Found"

Robert F Thomas | Published on 1/4/2023

Please let your club members know that we are available to perform vessel examinations as soon as people are ready in the spring. The boats do not have to be in the water for the examination and we routinely visit boat owners at their homes.

The Captain of the Port of Boston is placing high importance on paddle craft safety. We need to get the "If Found " decals on every kayak/canoe/paddleboard in our Area of Operation. We had 37 wayward kayaks that made their way into our area waters and a Search and Rescue  (SAR) has to be initiated costing thousands of dollars, where a minimal amount of money and time would be spent if we had that "If Found" decal on the kayaks so we can call the owner to make sure all is OK.

My best wishes to all for a safe 2023 boating season.


Matthias J. Mulvey   
 Division 12 Commander 
Instructor Specialist, Vessel Examiner  
ADSO-EM Sector Boston, TCO    
28 Edgeworth Street  
Weymouth, MA 02189-2405  
Telephone: (781) 331-0043  
Facsimile: (781) 331-0855  

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646 Quincy Shore Drive, PO Box 67, Quincy, MA 02170. |  617.770.4811