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What is the cost of membership?

Regular members: For a new Regular member, the 2023 fees consist of::

One-time Initiation: $900.00.

Dues ($590) and fees ($70)
Total: $660.00.


Social members: For a Social member there is no initiation fee and yearly dues are one-half that of Regular members. For the 2023 season, the dues for social members are $295.00.


How do I apply to be a member?

The membership application is entered via the New Member Application page accessed from the main page of the web site.

members: Complete the online applicationThe application will be posted on the club web site for 2 weeks and then voted on by the E-board. Once the application is approved, a pending acceptance email will be sent.  Payment must be received within the 15 day grace period per the emailed instructions.


Social members: Complete the online application.. The application will be posted at the club for 2 weeks and then voted on by the E-board.  Once the application is approved, a pending acceptance email will be sent.  Payment must be received within the 15 day grace period per the emailed instructions.


What are the rules about guests?

Normally once a member of the family becomes a member, the rest of the immediate family can come as guests. The spouse and all children under 18 are included with the membership.

A member may invite a limited number of guests to club with their presence.  Such must be infrequent, otherwise the guest(s) would be expected to apply for membership.

Who can vote?

Only Regular and Life members in good standing have the right to vote.  All members in good standing may attend meetings.

What are the social events at the club?
This club is run by members. Members of all types are encouraged to run events for the club.

There are regular events run by the entertainment committee, announced on the web site, emails and posted on the web site.

riday evenings, there is a dinner on the front deck.  Many of these dinners highlight special cuisines, e.g. Italian, Barbeque, Spanish, Middle East, Chinese, ...   and live music.

events typically include: Opening and closing night dinner dances, Commodore’s dinner dance, Sunday Social hours, annual fishing tournament, Lipton Cup Regatta, chili cook-off, Red Sox play-off and NE Patriots game viewing and pot-luck suppers.
When does the club operate?
The club formally opens in mid-May with the installation of the floats and ramp.  The boating season runs till mid-October when the floats, ramp and launches are moved to winter storage.
What is available for the kids?
SYC welcomes families and children to participate in many events and programs.

SYC runs a youth sailing program during the summer.  The program is for youth 8 to 18.  The club provides training by US Sailling Level-I and above sailing instructors in Optimist Prams, Lasers, and Club 420's.  Detailed information on the sailing program is available through links on the web site.

SYC sponsors a sailing team that participates in various regattas, especially the Lipton Cup.

There is a Juniors’ program. The Junior members are aged 12-18. They elect their own officers, run their meetings, and hold their own events.
How do I get a mooring?

It is the responsibility of the boat owner to provide and maintain their own mooring.

Advice can be requested from experienced members as to what type of mooring to get and where to place the mooring. The club owns a work barge that can be used to place and pull moorings. There is an electric chain fall on the side of the club that is used to lower and raise moorings to/from the work barge.

The City Of Quincy harbor master requires a mooring permit and specific sized mooring based on the size of the boat. More information can be found at:

SInce the mooring will be placed in the mooring field associated with the Squantum Yacht Club, the harbor master requires SYC to provide an annual list of boats and owners.

There is no additional cost for the mooring permit.  Such will be issued with confirmation that the excise taxes have been paid to the City of Quincy.

How do I get to my boat?
SYC runs a launch service during the season.  The hours of operation are posted on the web site and on the launch board at the club.  The launch only operates when their is sufficient water at the floats to allow for safe operation.  Weekend hours are typically 9AM to 9PM.  Weekday hours vary depending on the season and needs of the club.

When the launch operators are not present, it is possible to utilize one of the auxiliary launches once properly trained in their operation.  The procedure and requirements are part of the new regular member orientation.
What are the work hour requirements for Regular members?

Regular Members are required to perform 10 hours of work per year. Five hours must be done on either the house or floats before the floats go into the water. This does not include work done the day that the floats are launched. The remaining five hours can be done before or after the floats are launched. Failure to perform work hours results in a fine of $30 for each hour not performed.

Social Members are not required to perform work hours but help is always welcome.

What is the security watch requirement for Regular members?

Regular Members are required to perform security watches. The requirement is one all night watch or two half night watches. The all night watches are 10PM-5AM on Friday or Saturday night.  The half night watches are 10PM-2AM Sunday through Thursday. There are other nights that are all night usually around holidays and race events. This information will be in the watch signup calendar as well as notices on the web site. If you don't sign up for security watches before the floats are launched, a watch will be assigned to you. Failure to perform security watches will result in a fine of $50 for each watch missed.

Social Members are not required to perform security watches.

Are there Sailing Races at SYC?
The Squantum Yacht Club sponsors/runs many racing events over the course of the season.

The LIPTON CUP is hosted in Late July/Early open to one design boats.  Further information may be found on the web site.

Numerous one design race series are hosted by Quincy Bay One Design.  The schedule for these races will be posted.

There are evening Pursuit Race series open to all boats for which an ORR-EZ or PHRF handicap is available.

The outer line for Quincy Bay Race Week in July for one design classes is hosted by SYC.

There are many regattas and race series sailed within a short distance of SYC, among these is the RUMBLE involving boats from all clubs from Boston to Hingham, The Great Chase, Flip/Flop Regatta, Make-A-Wish Regatta, etc.

For those interested in racing or crewing there are plenty of opportunities.
Do other clubs allow member reciprocation?
Regular Members may be granted guest privileges at other yacht clubs upon presenting their Squantum Yacht Club Membership card.  Please contact any clubs that you intend to visit prior to visiting to see if such privileges are granted.  Guest access is by the courtesy of the granting club and not a right.

The Squantum Yacht Club generally grants guest privileges to visiting yacht club members  Such would typically include being allowed access to the club, use of the tap, launch service and possibly if available use of one of the club owned moorings.
Are there any discounts available to members?

Squantum Yacht Club is a BOAT US cooperating group. This allows members to join BOAT US at half the regular membership price. BOAT US members receive discounts on fuel and dockage at Cooperating Marinas. Discounts are available on repair at Cooperating repair facilities.

Squantum Yacht Club is a member of US Sailing.  Members may join US Sailing and receive a discount on their individual or family membership.

More information is available at: BoatUS & US Sailing 


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